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Being sick sure is the life, I’m telling you.

How can a girl have gotten so lucky?!?!??!?!?!?! Screw the lottery, getting a chronic and incurable condition is so much better than that.

Sick Leave—On those cold Monday mornings when Mother Nature has dumped six inches of snow on the ground,…

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Found the cause

Figured out the cause of my migraine….. I had been thinking since the gum was aspartame free when I bought the first packs at the start of last summer, that they hadn’t changed the ingredients in just a couple short months……. guess what….. they did. :( So my gum chewing is at fault. :( I HATE aspartame!

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Migraines give super powers….

At too high a cost, but Still!!!!!

Yes, I have a migraine… as soon as the meds I took to knock myself out again take effect I will be going back to bed.

So… migraine super powers - super hearing and super sight…. I can hear things I normally can’t…. and….. I can see in the (mostly) dark a lot better than normal……. 

I’d trade my newly found super powers to be free of this migraine though. :(

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